Monthly Archives: January 2014

January 15

Words: Corporate confusion

Seeking clarification on phrases used in offices nowadays? Hopefully this A-Z will help! Ask hole: A person who asks questions in meetings to look busy or important, but just succeeds in extending long meetings Bandwidth: Time available to carry out a task C.Y.A. (Covering Your Ass): An action carried out to absolve oneself of blame […]

January 15

Words: Giuseppe Zanotti

Rock n’ roll fashion took centre stage in an interview with stiletto sensation Giuseppe Zanotti for ifc Arena magazine. Link to interview

January 15

Words: So So Modern

Following their appearance at Hong Kong indie venue Hidden Agenda in May 2013, I caught up with Grayson Gilmour from New Zealand band So So Modern to chat about music and life on the road…  How many times have you played in Hong Kong and what is your impression of the city? Our recent show […]

January 02

Video: Under the bridge

Hong Kong’s high population density is making people think creatively about use of urban space. Can under bridge spaces make a meaningful impact in providing a better city to live in?