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December 01

VIDEO: The Inner

In my first music video project, join Hong Kong dub step dynamo Trillion and ambient talent Tiny Gun as they take you on a journey through the psyche. Shot in Hong Kong’s abandoned war ruins, this video explores the depths of the mind and embarks upon an expedition through the soul.  

August 12

Video: An Oath to Opera (與粵有約)

Seen by some as a relic of days past, Cantonese Opera has come under the threat of becoming irrelevant in modern society. Amidst the doom and gloom are young actors rejecting conventional career paths and taking to the opera stage. Rising star Keith Lai (黎耀威) is one such artist dedicating his professional life to keeping […]

August 12

Video: The helpers who write

Domestic helpers in Hong Kong are documenting their experiences through writing. Cahaya Qu, a local Indonesian magazine, is serving as a hub for writers who want to help other domestic workers through articles and advice.  

April 10

Video: Burma’s Lady Gaga in Hong Kong

The irrepressible Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein, Burma’s first lady of pop, makes her debut at Volume Beat in Hong Kong.

March 06

Video: In the studio with Ink

This is a video that I made with music producer Ink in Hong Kong. In it, he discusses his journey from beatboxing on the streets, to becoming a full time producer, and why the Hong Kong music industry needs to change.

February 18

Video: Colours of the Cape

I was rather fortunate to spend two weeks in Cape Town, and discovered a rich tapestry of colours where nature, landscape, culture, history, and ambient sounds come alive, presenting an exuberant framework for people to live in. Scenes are from the wine regions of Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, lush Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, moody Table Mountain, the […]

January 02

Video: Under the bridge

Hong Kong’s high population density is making people think creatively about use of urban space. Can under bridge spaces make a meaningful impact in providing a better city to live in?

December 02

Video/Words: Toy Story

Buying adult toys in Hong Kong can pose a gauntlet for the embarrassed shopper. Squeamish attitudes towards sex, combined with high population density, make for some potentially excruciating encounters with friends, family and acquaintances. If you bump into anyone, don’t even think to ask if they “come here often.” As attitudes towards sex liberalise in […]

November 22

Video/Words: Night Riders

Daytime in Hong Kong is characterised by pressure and long hours at work, conspiring to leave little room for reflection. At night, the city truly comes alive, and as the formality of daytime melts away, street life is carried by a new cast until sunrise: The waiter at an all-night congee shop, eccentric taxi driver, […]