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August 12

Words: A DJ’s Greatest Nightmare: Death By Request

This article came to life as a result of increasing reports in the media that DJs were being kicked off the decks for being too underground, and at the behest of the so-called “Bottle service crowd”. Seeking to explore this phenomenon further, I interviewed a range of Asia-based DJs about what they thought.

August 12

Words: The Perfect Equation

Japanese math and post rock has been a huge part of my life for the last few years. Here is a primer I wrote on the scene for Boom Magazine. You can enjoy one of my favorite Japanese math/post rock songs below:     And of course, LITE, as mentioned above, impossibly sublime.     […]

August 12

Words: Music consumption in 2014 is breaking all the rules

This piece in Boom Magazine started mainly as a reflection on how we listen to music in 2014. What happened to the days of valued vinyls, cherished cassette tapes and scratched up CDs? Is music valued anymore? I interviewed some of Hong Kong’s leading DJs, store owners and music lovers to find out.

August 12

Words: A Thriller In Manila

Manila stole my attention in June during a scouting visit to check out the city’s indie scene, here is the report I wrote for Boom Magazine.

April 10

Words: Kumamoto in CEI Magazine

I recently visited the wonderfully sleepy city of Kumamoto in Southern Japan. I wrote a couple of articles for CEI Asia on the city. Please click on the links below to view. Kumamoto Castle to be linked to new conference facility Culture and countryside the drawcards for events in Kumamoto           […]

January 15

Words: Corporate confusion

Seeking clarification on phrases used in offices nowadays? Hopefully this A-Z will help! Ask hole: A person who asks questions in meetings to look busy or important, but just succeeds in extending long meetings Bandwidth: Time available to carry out a task C.Y.A. (Covering Your Ass): An action carried out to absolve oneself of blame […]

January 15

Words: Giuseppe Zanotti

Rock n’ roll fashion took centre stage in an interview with stiletto sensation Giuseppe Zanotti for ifc Arena magazine. Link to interview

January 15

Words: So So Modern

Following their appearance at Hong Kong indie venue Hidden Agenda in May 2013, I caught up with Grayson Gilmour from New Zealand band So So Modern to chat about music and life on the road…  How many times have you played in Hong Kong and what is your impression of the city? Our recent show […]

December 02

Video/Words: Toy Story

Buying adult toys in Hong Kong can pose a gauntlet for the embarrassed shopper. Squeamish attitudes towards sex, combined with high population density, make for some potentially excruciating encounters with friends, family and acquaintances. If you bump into anyone, don’t even think to ask if they “come here often.” As attitudes towards sex liberalise in […]

November 22

Video/Words: Night Riders

Daytime in Hong Kong is characterised by pressure and long hours at work, conspiring to leave little room for reflection. At night, the city truly comes alive, and as the formality of daytime melts away, street life is carried by a new cast until sunrise: The waiter at an all-night congee shop, eccentric taxi driver, […]