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March 24

Words: Four for thought: What’s big in the music world?/回顧:本週四項不可不知的音樂大事

(中文版在後面) Meerkat: What the hell is that? Some pesky animal right? It’s an iPhone app that allows streaming straight to Twitter, with obviously great implications for music fans, who can see what’s happening with their favourite artists at live shows. Except: profiteers will struggle to monetise it, which is a super NO NO (see story […]

September 29

Words: Millionaireasia

Back in the day, I was deputy editor for regional lifestyle magazine Millionaireasia, which was a great opportunity to do interesting stories. Take a look at ART HK including an interview with Ron Arad in “State of the arts” Find out what drives obsessive music collectors in “Vinyl vultures” Discover the thrills and spills of […]